Open Health Bot​ Update


Open Health Bot Update


Open Health Bot


Why Is Open Health Bot Created?

Open Health Bot has been envisioned to make healthcare information more accessable in the most user friendly way.

  • Accessibility: Open Health Bots provide a convenient way for people to access healthcare information and support from their homes, workplaces or on-the-go.

  • Affordability: Open Health Bots has been kept open and free where people can have access to Healthcare Services and Information, making it affordable.

  • Efficiency: Open Health Bots can quickly provide users with basic health information and guidance, potentially reducing the need for unnecessary and unauthenticated data on the web.

  • Privacy: Open Health Bots allow users to obtain healthcare information without sharing their personal information or identity. However to keep it spam free and clean, user need to authenticate as a human. Any demographic information which has been aksed by the OHB is anonymous and required to provide relatively near to accurate information.

  • Personalization: Open Health Bots can be programmed to provide personalized recommendations and support based on the user’s specific health concerns and needs.

Overall, open health bots provide an innovative and effective way to deliver healthcare information and contributes to UNSDG’s#3


Natural Language Processing (NLP): Open Health Bot uses NLP to understand the user’s intent and provide accurate responses. This allows users to communicate with the chatbot in a more natural and conversational manner.

Health Assessment: User can check His/Her health status using multiple health assessments. We will be adding more Health Assessment / Self Health assessment tools curated by renowned organization’s or personalities. Right now we have introduced 3 Health Assessments and COVID-19 Vaccination Finder

  1. Lifestyle Health Assessment 
  2. Dipression Assessment
  3. Diabities Assessment 
  4. COVID-19 Vaccination Search (integrated with COWIN API's)


a. American Academy of Family Physicians



b. Arogya Setu

Integration with health databases: Open Health Bot can be integrated with various health databases to provide accurate and up-to-date information to users.

COWIN-vaccination Centers: User can able to see available vaccination centers using pincode, district and state.   

This bot can be used along with the Open Health Bot API

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