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IntelliMatch-AI-ATS offers a robust email subscription feature, allowing users to access personalized updates and notifications after verifying their email through an OTP (One-Time Password) system. This document provides instructions on how to subscribe, verify OTP, and handle potential errors.



Subscribing and OTP Verification


To use the IntelliMatch-AI-ATS service, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Your Email: Navigate to the subscription section and input your email in the provided field.
  2. Subscribe: Click the ‘Subscribe’ button to send an OTP to your email, initiating the verification process.
  3. Enter OTP: After receiving your OTP via email, enter it in the designated input box on the application.
  4. Verify OTP: Press the ‘Login’ button after inputting the OTP. Successful verification will log you into the system, while an incorrect OTP will give you the option to retry or resend a new OTP.

Email and OTP Handling


The system uses the following endpoints to manage email subscriptions and OTP verification:

  • Subscription Endpointhttp://
  • OTP Verification Endpointhttp://

These endpoints integrate seamlessly into the Streamlit UI, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Error Handling


  • Subscription Errors: Should any issues arise during subscription, the application advises the user to attempt subscribing again.
  • OTP Errors: If an entered OTP is incorrect, an error message will appear with options to either retry entering the OTP or request a new one.



Ensure you have the necessary packages installed to operate the subscription feature:

pip install streamlit requests

Running the Application


Launch IntelliMatch-AI-ATS by executing:

streamlit run

This command starts the application in your web browser, allowing you to interact with the email subscription service and explore other functionalities of IntelliMatch-AI-ATS.

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